• Library cabinet Oak Library cabinet Oak¥280,000(税抜)
  • Back bar circa 1930 Artdeco Back bar circa 1930 Artdeco¥1,600,000(税抜)
  • Barber Cabinet Wood-double door for Sterilizer Barber Cabinet Wood-double door for Sterilizer¥65,000(税抜)
  • Barber Cabinet Wood-single door for Sterilizer Barber Cabinet Wood-single door for Sterilizer¥65,000(税抜)
  • Hand Crafted Airplane model Hand Crafted Airplane model¥78,000(税抜)
  • head object wood sculpture /Jesus Christ head object wood sculpture /Jesus Christ¥130,000(税抜)
  • Reciept Machine Reciept Machine¥28,000(税抜)
  • Brass table mirror Brass table mirror¥*****(税抜)
  • Spalding glove Display object Spalding glove Display object¥*****(税抜)
  • Spalding head gear Display object Spalding head gear Display object¥37,500(税抜)
  • Fabric sample set of 6 Fabric sample set of 6¥38,000(税抜)
  • Objet train strap Objet train strap¥*****(税抜)
  • 1917 FOXY TOY Word Spelling game 1917 FOXY TOY Word Spelling game¥*****(税抜)
  • Wall object American Wringer NY Wall object American Wringer NY¥28,000(税抜)
  • Knife Collection w/case - Schrade's Heritage Knife Collection w/case - Schrade's Heritage¥85,000(税抜)
  • Used  glasses w/case -willson goggles Used glasses w/case -willson goggles¥9,500(税抜)
  • Banner flag  mason standish lodge Banner flag mason standish lodge¥120,000(税抜)
  • Road cornes FUNERAL Road cornes FUNERAL¥*****(税抜)
  • micro scope with carry box micro scope with carry box¥*****(税抜)
  • 19c. puppet doll 19c. puppet doll¥*****(税抜)
  • Catcher mask Catcher mask¥*****(税抜)
  • Gothic casket dolly Gothic casket dolly¥(税抜)
  • Medical Mirrored Reflector shade w/wiring Medical Mirrored Reflector shade w/wiring¥(税抜)
  • anatomy medical charts anatomy medical charts¥(税抜)